AKG K309 Review

AKG K309

AKG K309 Review, high quality with heap price but not for outdoors! 

AKG K309 earbuds are one of the best headphones  i used at home or office, it surpasses a lot of other similar products in it’s category from the sound quality prospective, these akg earbuds headphones delivers a very good sound quality that you rarely find with that cheap price. The akg k 309 delivers a good frequency response with balanced highs mids and lows, when i first used it it was with my mobile phone Samsung C6712, the sound seemed to be weak, i figured out that i had to rise the volume of the music player on my mobile to unleash the power of these earbuds

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Let’s have a look on AKG K309 earbuds Features and Main Characteristics:

  • Sound quality is surprisingly like AKG K240
  • Very good and rich sound for that price, their frequency response is from 18 Hz till 20Kz which covers almost all the sound spectrum that most of humans can hear.
  •  Bass is good for this driver diameter, and can drive good bass if used with an external usb audio card, as it is a 32-ohm driver
  • Highs are very good and articulated like higher priced headphones.
  • They are not suitable for activities or sports as they can slip from your ears
  • Some people complained about that they hurt the ears for prolonged listening sessions but i did not feel this knowing that my ears are relatively small.
  • They isolate the outside sound at an extent that my colleges at work where behind me and i did not notice
  • Suitable for portable devices like IPOD, Laptop, Ipad and delivers a high quality sound.
  • Built with quality oxygen free cable to insure high sound quality delivery.
  • The cable is dual equal side and of a length of 1 meter which give good freedom when used in the office
  • Semi open design
  • Foam ear pads are included in the box
  • Compatible with all apple iPHONES
  • Best used with portable devices like MP3 players, DVDs and CD players.

AKG K309

And here are the technical specifications for AKG K309 earbuds:

  • Sensitivity: 124 dB/V
  • Max input power: 15 mW
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Frequency response: 18 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Weight: 5 g
  • Cable: 1 m (3.3 ft),
  • Plug: 3.5 mm (1/8″)
  • 99,9% oxygem free cable

Owners Reviews from Amazon for AKG K309 earbuds:

By T. Surface “tekHedd”

“If you’re paying full retail, I’d rate these 4 stars, but for the price they’re awfully good.
The sound is surprisingly like AKG’s open air headphones (K240s etc). Smooth strong midrange extending into the high frequencies smoothly (but without a whole lot of airiness), and the bass extends to very low frequencies but drops off quickly. The imaging in the mids is quite amazing, the highs feel attenuated, and the bass extends fairly low, but rolls off aggressively in a way that for some reason doesn’t make you feel like you got cheated out of the bass. Basically, if you own a pair of AKG headphones, you already know what they sound like.”

This review is truncated, to read the full review click this link!

By Hussein Said “Hussein said” (My review on Amazon)

“I bought them from France after checking their reviews on Amazon as their price which was 9,99 Euros was low and I suspected that their sound will not be good but I was shocked when I discovered that their sound quality the best among all similar earphones i bought or tested before. A very well balanced sound that keeps me wearing them for long periods of time without problem. I use them at office and at home, I feed them with the Sound Blaster SB1140 external USB sound card as they have 32-Ohm drivers, sound source is DELL Latitude E6400 laptop, by using this combination i get from them quality that i could not find in any similar priced earphones.”

This review is truncated, to read the full review click this link!

For all Amazon Reviews for this AKG K309 earbuds thanks for check this link!!


These headphones as i consider them the Best Headphones on budget i owned. I hope that this AKG K309 review was informative , thanks to comment and share this article.




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