Drums Drummer Entered to the Audio-visual Room of the Theater Program

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Drums Drummer Entered to the Audio-visual Room of the Theater Program

Submitted by: Himfr Tian

From the reform and opening up, pop music and rock began to enter China at the same time, to now about as big as has been nearly 30 years. In nearly 30 years, the popular music has been developing in a vibrant, Alan Tam, Jacky Cheung, Chi Chin, Emil Chou, Jonathan Lee and a number of pop songs and even has all the impact of the entire pop music, but also With new faces to the extent that the mainstream of popular music’s status in China has been difficult to shake.

However, for rock music, it was the opposite situation. Because the rock has long been with the pain, death, bloody reality of the work to reveal the reality of darkness and vent grievances. But they can be accepted by the majority of the audience. As a result, many people generally believe in my heart: rock is not “good music”, and this stereotype has long become a rock in the mainstream of China has been not touch the edge of the biggest obstacles.

Double attribute drummer home theater systems, however, has seemed to rock with the “mainstream” passive does not mean its not a glorious past of yesterday. As in 1986, with the title of godfather of Chinese rock, Cui Jian, the “100 years of world peace concert singers” sing the song on the rock marked the official birth of the “nothing”, you can say that rock music in China has also experienced a short prosperity. Panther band, Tang Dynasty Band, BEYONE band, Tat Ming, also are in this turning point to another in an internal set off a wave of rock whirlwind. And as the early 90s pop music in a temporary shortage of the dilemma, so that the rock was brought to an unprecedented peak.

The hero of this article, called Beijing a box drummer Wang Bo, is the sense of being a rock boom of that time, which started rather slowly in love with the vitality of this style of music. According to Wang Bo said: Actually, the beginning is taking his bass and guitar lines, the reason has now become a drummer, was due to his idol Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen effect. The latter lost his left arm in a car accident case, by virtue of superior stamina and dedication to music, he learned to drum with only one arm. It is this spirit of re-writing of the deep rock influenced Wang Bo.

Not only between the audio-visual room is the drums sounded in the place, however, in the early 90s, because of language, culture, audio equipment, and many other restrictions, the introduction by European and American rock and roll great extent, so that there is considerable a person did not know who Michael Jackson? Therefore, this rock was young, as Wang Bo, only in some small video halls in the street to enjoy the performances of these rock masters. Thus, Wang Bo to be determined at the time, if the future strength must get hold of the big screen in their own homes, so you can move these masterpieces home appreciation.

However, Wang Bo, has said: In fact, it will impact the environment as a whole, they simply have no concept of home theater, do not know what home theater. I just think I want to put these works on a larger screen viewing only.

In recent years, due to the explosion of high technology and changes in people’s ideology, so that more and more people are concerned about their lifestyle and living conditions. So home theater that can greatly satisfy the model independent way of thinking, more and more deeply into the homes of ordinary people.

At the moment I only know how to realize that they had the original idea of the kind words with a home theater can be completely summarized. However, the heart can not action, for the 10 years of long-cherished wish, I put out before the warehouse Teng, which has created a home theater of their own. Of course, to his beloved drums move into this audio-visual room is of course essential.

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