When Sales numbers talk, Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator In-Ear Earphones don’t need a praise !!!

Etymotic Research ER6i Review:

The Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator In-Ear Earphones are ideal for travel on trains and airplanes without compromising sound quality, it is a state of the art from Etymotic Research that busts the myth that you have to go bigger in size to get a better sound quality. The in ear  er6i is featured by a sound isolation of about 34- to 36 dB that surpasses the capability of many noise cancelling earphones in the market, that makes them the one of the best ear buds for use with Ipod , portable mp3 players where usually there is higher outside noise level that in indoor applications.  The ER6I-BLK-C has a flat response and the sound quality is comparable with professional earphones, it has a Gold plated headphone jack. When it comes to comfort here is the place to talk , thanks to its flanged eartips that fits into most ear canals, Etymotic Research does not stop there , they provide also disposable foam eartips that provides extra comfort and better sealing in the ear canal to enjoy the lowest tunes of your favorite music.  The er6i manufacturer did not forget to provide a kit to clean those flanged eartips ; they know that the cleaner these are the better sound experience is.

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What’s in the Box:

  1. ER-6i earphones.
  2. Cord with stereo plug.
  3. One pair two-flange eartips.
  4. One pair foam eartips.
  5. Two replacement filters.
  6. Filter changing tool.
  7. Shirt clip.
  8. Pouch.

Technical Details:

  • Balanced armature transducer for full-range sound.
  • Frequency range of 50 Hz – 16 kHz.
  • Up to 36dB noise isolation.
  • Choose between included flanges and foam eartips for best fit.

Let us read here what an owner is saying in his review:

Bobby L Buntin “Best Noise Isolation I’ve Found, January 8, 2011”

“If you need to drown out your surroundings, I have found nothing better than these earphones. I owned a pair of ER6’s for years”

Click here to read the whole review please !

Amazon statistics:


  • Noise-isolating earbuds with awesome clarity and detail.
  • Includes multiple eartips and travel pouch.


  • Thin, tangle-prone wires.
  • Somewhat expensive.



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