JVC HAFX1XJVC HAFX1X Review, true explosives in your ears and better bass than Beats !!!

JVC HAFX1X xtreme xplosives are one of the best headphones for Bass lovers, it delivers a powerful clear bass that extends from 5 Hz. It provides a superior sound isolation and enables you to listen to your favorite music inside the Metro, train or airplane and forget about the ambient noise that can affect your satisfaction. It comes with 3 ear pieces to ensure that it will fit on different ear sizes. Many owners on Amazon advise that they reproduce very good sound for that price. Thanks for the ergonomic design that gives you good comfort due to the silicon ear pads.

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I searched on the Internet and picked up the most important reviews for you to make it easier in your decision when buying the JVC HAFX1X headphones:

  • Sound quality is high and it’s a comfortable earphone
  • These earbuds produce the best bass some people heard and even better than the Beats.
  • The JVC HAFX1X sounds better than JLab Audio JBuds J2 earphone, but the JVC HAFX67R sounded better than both.
  • They can be used to listen to music for an extended time.
  • The JVC HAFX1X xtreme xplosives do not need to turn the volume high to listen to them compared to other earphones.
  • They can outrank easily 100 $ earphones when it comes to the overall performance.

Manufacturer specifications for the JVC HAFX1X xtreme xplosives earphones as as follows:

  • Headphones Type Headphones – Binaural
  • Headphones Form Factor In-ear ear-bud
  • Connectivity Technology Wired
  • Sound Output Mode Stereo
  • Response Bandwidth 5 – 23000 Hz
  • Sensitivity 104 dB/mW
  • Impedance 16 Ohm
  • Diaphragm 0.4 in
  • Magnet Material Neodymium



Checkout some reviews from owners about the JVC HAFX1X explosives :

Ear bud bake-off  by By Peter

Note: 105 of 111 people found the following review helpful

As my wife and ‘tween-ager are virtual Bermuda Triangles for ear buds, they eventually lose/break all theirs and subsequently borrow mine with the same outcome. Thus I recently found I needed to buy three new sets of ear buds at once. I bought three different sets off Amazon, all having decent reviews: JVC HAFX67R, JVC Xtreme Xplosives, and JLab Audio JBuds J2. Today I sat down to compare them all side-by-side. In the interim, a fairly new set of Apple buds resurfaced, so I had four sets for the bake-off. Caveats: First I am 40-something, with a few too many years of loud music, so I decidedly do NOT have audiophile ears. Second, I tested these right out of the package. Many reviews discuss the need to break in a set of drivers, so this could skew the results. Third, all of them sounded pretty good. I would have been satisfied with any of the new ones, so any negative remarks are for comparison’s sake. Note, I tested the buds with an Apple Nano gen4, with music I favor, specifically acoustic/folk and hard rock, in both cases somewhat “busy”, having a wide range of frequencies going in the mix. I have a strong preference for drivers that provide good presence and clarity in mid-range, and producing clear overtones without being too bright or tinny.

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Here is another owner review for the JVC HAFX1X headphones:

Nothing can possibly sound better by Richard Bidermanis

These things are… I don’t think words can describe the clarity, sound, and the power these things are capable of.

First, let me start with design. Although it looks a bit too bulky, they actually are not. They are also very comfortable, and don’t annoy your ears when they’re in there for a long time. The cord itself is good; it feels tough and I don’t think it will fall apart any time soon.

In terms of sound, these are definitely the “bassiest” headphones out there. I listen to trance, techno, pop, etc. The bass is absolutely overwhelming. Definitely sound like an explosion in your ears (but a pleasant one, at worst). Believe me when I say this (and other reviewers confirm it too), they can easily rival $100+ dollar headphones. Those Dr. Dre’s, are nothing but a label for the price. These earphones prove that, in fact, companies like JVC can create equal quality.

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The third review for the JVC HAFX1X Xtreme-Xplosivs is below:

JVC Rocks by Eddie VH

These headphones are like a turbocharger for your iPhone (or whatever other device you are using to play your tunes). Instantly you get more volume level, much more bass and a really noticeable increase in overall quality.

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This headphone is one of the Best Headphones for mobile devices with best bass response and ergonomic design that makes them fit easily in your ears in the market today and specially in UK which are considered number 1 in Amazon UK in earphones section, checkout this link . I hope that this JVC HAFX1X Review was informative, if you have any comments feel free to ask in the comments section.

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