Sennheiser CX500 Review

Sennheiser CX500

Sennheiser CX500 Review, superb headphone but beware of fakes !!!

[Rating: 3.9/5]

Sennheiser CX500 headphones is one of the best headphones in it’s category and the model is cx500-B. It comes with a wide variety of earplugs as shown in the image below. This will increase it’s comfort to meet all ear sizes. Many people return back earphones as they do not fit into their ears. It’s customized ear adapters offer a better passive noise attenuation. It has a volume control for mobile devices such mp3 players, ipod, iphone, CD, and DVD players. cx500-b earphone has a  wide frequency response for crisp clear sound and good bass

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Technical specifications for Sennheiser cx500:

  • Frequency Response: 17Hz to 22kHz
  • Impedance: 16 Ohm
  • THD: < 0.2 %
  • Sound Pressure Level: 112dB
  • Connecting cable: 1 meter

 Sennheiser CX500 Features as given by the manufacturer:

  • Sennheiser CX500 earplugs fits into the ears well and with time you will forget that you wear them, they are more confortable than other earphones in the same category like ultimate ears
  • Unbelievable crisp sound with a good balance between the high and low frequencies.
  • The cord has a good length so you can use it with an IPOD in your pocket with ease.
  • Sennheiser cx500 has a volume slider is very handy when talking to someone without unplugging them from your ears like most headphones.
  • It comes with a pouch where you can store the earphone inside, a cable clip suitable for walk or during movement and a cord winder.

Sennheiser CX500, What is in the box ?

Sennheiser CX500

I checked some good and informative owners reviews that can help you before taking any buying decision of the  Sennheiser cx500

By A. Toivanen

Great Headphones but BEWARE OF FAKES

“These headphones are superb; however, BEWARE of all the fakes out there! There are tons and it is very difficult to tell the difference when looking at the physical package. I saw a couple of posts on here that complain about the loud thump when you hit the cord…if this happens, you have fakes. I bought a pair off of eBay (do not buy these off eBay, most if not all are fake) and had some other people that bought from the same seller contact me and inform me that they were fakes. Even worse, when confronted, the seller admitted they were counterfeit and was eventually caught and banned from eBay. With the fakes, every time I exercised and the cord would bump me it was extremely loud and after this happened a couple of times during my first use, I stopped using them while working out (still not knowing they were fakes at this point). When I discovered they were counterfeit, I contacted Sennheiser to find out if was an authorized seller (I was sure Amazon would only deal with legitimate products, but after getting burned on eBay I wanted to make sure I was getting was I was paying for).”

 This review was truncated, if you want to read more check this link !!

By J. Pafundi

These are AMAZING please read my review!

 “I can’t remember the last product that I purchased in which I posted a review about. My Sennheiser CX500’s were delivered a few days ago and I felt compelled to post this. If I can get just 1 person to give these a try, I’ll be happy.

My first set of inner ear headphones were the Ultimate Ears 3’s. I bought these back in January. Ultimately, I learned what I really wanted in an inner ear monitor and the failures of the UE’s led me to purchase the Senn cx500’s.

Comfort: No comparison here, whatsoever. The UE’s were big, clunky, and just never fit right regardless of the attachment I used. They lost their seal constantly even when just sitting on the subway (Inner Ear Monitors MUST keep it’s seal or they sound worse than your Apple issued ear buds) The Senn’s are SMALL, light weight and just stay in nice and snug regardless of what I’m doing. You forget you are even wearing them. They hold seal but in a much more comfortable way than the UEs. The UEs felt like they were violating my ear drum and it was painful some times! Seal is extremely important to me because I ride the NYC subway every day to work and it is the true test of noise canceling phones. Not sure there is a noisier ride anywhere else on the planet. You can hear your music at a low volume. AMAZING!”

 This review was truncated, if you want to read more check this link !!

 By Greg P
 Very Surprised – and Pleased
I really enjoy listening to great music with great equipment. My listening room speakers are Dali Euphonia series (common in Europe, rare in the US), and my favorite headphones have been AKG 702 studio phones; and the electronics behind them are also excellent.

This review was truncated, if you want to read more check this link !!

If this is not enough for your decision towards Sennheiser CX500 headphones feel free to check the whole 295 owners reviews, click this link 

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This headphone is one of the Best Headphones for mobile devices with best sealing and fit in the market, even after it is discontinued. I hope that this Sennheiser CX500 review was informative  for you, if you have any comments feel free to ask in the comments section. To return to top of this page click Sennheiser CX500 review




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