Sony PIIQ Review

Sony PIIQ Review, Running Headphones that does not fall !


Have you ever seen headphones with clips, the Sony PIIQ headphone is one of the best running headphones that will make you forget that they are on your ears. The wide frequency response from 8 Hz to 25 Khz enables it to reproduce good bass response as any ear bud in the market and also great treble response. Many owners advised that it is very comfortable and light that after certain time the user will not feel it on his ears. You can sweat during exercises or running and still the earbuds will not fall from you ears. It comes with 3 sized foam earbuds. The wire is light weight like paper that you will not feel it. Sony is going with the trend of emerging high tech with style in their products to go along with other competitors. They have a complete line of products that are unique in their design. Sony PIIQ earbud are available on Amazon with three different colors,  green, pink and black. It looks attractive and stylish. PIIQ fits well and does not fall apart during Running and exercises and is considered a favorite headphone for running as it permits to wear sunglasses; the Qlasp clip do the job for you.

Here is some Sony PIIQ headphone specifications:

  • Ear Cups : Closed, Dynamic (supra-aural)
  • Design : Over-the-head
  • Sensitivity : 104 dB/mW
  • Frequency Response : 8 – 25,000 Hz
  • Impedance : 70 ohms at 1 kHz

Sony PIIQ Pros:

  • High sound quality like bose headphones, with the price difference of course, of course it will not be as good as Klipsh S4 earphones
  • Very reliable and durable, an owner forgot them in his pocked and they still work.
  • Never fall when used in extensive physical activities like workouts or running.
  • Best earbuds with sound canceling in this price range.

Sony PIIQ Cons:

  •  Does not fit into bigger sized ears.
  • Some customers advised that they fall apart.

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Sony PIIQ Review | Best Headphones

Thanks to checks some owners review for Sony PIIQ earphones:

Perfect for Running By SAVALSKI

I picked these up a few days ago and WOW. Seriously for the money there’s nothing better.

I use these mainly when running and exercising and they’re PERFECT for the job. I had several sets of earbuds that always have the same problem..falling out when I start building a sweat.

These manage to stay in and remain comfortable for long runs. I can’t praise them enough, especially given their price.

THE best earbuds for $30 By Zachary V. Jones

The headphones are bigger than I expected, but aren’t huge. They look fantastic, the green is super bright, almost yellow. The black is truly black, no fading or half-baked grays. The colors are sharply defined, with no ‘bleeding’ between them. All painted lines on the housing are sharp and crisp. The soft texture of the ear-clips are a pleasure, if anything.

Frequency response is a treat. These earbuds have some thump to them, as well as tweeting really sharply, which is great to finally see.

I’m not a big fan of the 90* jack, and it doesn’t really match the style of the rest of the unit, but hey, it’s in your pocket most of the time anyway.

Excellent for running! By J. Campbell

These earphones are super. Took them on a 17 mi run- barely noticed they were there, they never moved, and the sound quality is excellent (like being in an acoustic chamber). Another great feature is that they clip below the ear so as not to interfere with sunglasses which I’ll usually adjust during a run.

Sony PIIQ Review | Best Headphones

This Sony PIIQ headphone is one of the Best Headphones for running and workouts for that price range. I hope that this  Sony PIIQ Review was informative, share this post with your friends and buddies.




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